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Carl Carter & and worldwide sensations in music

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Carl Carter & and worldwide sensations in music

During the years Carl Carter has proven to be true genius on bass. He has worked alongside with great names in music, but recently he has taken another approach. He has started to work with musicians who have gained celebrity status as worldwide sensations.

Carl Carter & The Three Mo’

This group is contained from three tenors who are inspired by original Three Tenors. Their names are: Kenneth D. Alston Jr., Ramone Diggs and Phumzile Sojola. They create music for true believers who believe that music still can be popular even with the touch of classical elements. They have informal approach to their audience what makes them more likable. They offer their audience great spectra of music from opera to musical theater, rock, gospel and the blues. Carl Carter is playing the bass and he has given them melody to remember with elements of jazz and soul, where it can be heard only on prestigious stages.

Carl Carter & Paula Cole

Paula Cole is Grammy Award winning artist. She finished the same college of music Berklee as Carl Carter. They have same love for jazz. They tour together trough US and Carl Carter is fallowing her on Bass. The rhythm and melody that they create combined whit Paula Cole beautiful voice and lyrics can only leave those people indifferent who don’t have even a little bit of a hearing.



Carl Carter & Alex Bugnon

Alex Bugnon is contemporary jazz pianist. He and Carl Carter are making some exceptional jam. The energy those two have on stage is off charts. They manage to find same rhythm and understanding. They show are full till the last seat, they give their audience a beautiful experience in music that now days is considered forgotten and strangled by new trends. They manage to make her fill alive and respected. “Roof Revivers”

Carl Carter & Jiro Yoshida

Jiro Yoshida is Japanese guitar player who brought abstract structure built on traditional roots. When he plays guitar all emotions are evoked. His music is rich, carnal, strong that combined whit Carl Carters bass is like match made in heaven. This deep jazz and soul can touch anyone’s heart. It shouldn’t surprise their audience that they made so many albums in which they poured heart and soul. Their music has melodies that fuse with earthy, almost tactile rhythms; the ensuing tensions make musical revelations. Once, while recording with Jiro Yoshida, he had problems with studio roof – so they had to hire some excellent roofers and their studio got upgraded!


Carl Carter & Keiko Lee

Keiko Lee is Japanese jazz pianist and singer. Carl Carter is touring extensively trough all Japan with her. Her deep and smoothing voice gave her the epithet of prominent and accomplished recording artist. Their mixed knowledge in jazz and passion for music has brought them the respect of audience around the globe, who became in love whit the music that they are creating. Melody that has sentimental note and lyrics that have power to conquer even the toughest hearts while they are listening to this music become more relaxed and impressed whit its beauty and this is something that will last.

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Carl Carter – virtuoso on bass

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Carl Carter – virtuoso on bass

Carl Carter is an amazing musician and in his hand bass becomes a powerful weapon or great medicine for the souls of those who listen to him.

He was born and raised in Bridgeport Connecticut and from the early years of his life he has began to take an interested in music. At age of seven he began his formal musical studies on drums and organ at age of 13, at the age of 14 he turned at electrical bass full time.

He would continue his music studding trough high school experimenting and mastering various styles like solo, rock, funk and jazz. He had a great influence from KISS, Van Halen, George Clinton and Miles Davis.
After high school Carl went to study at prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston as a Performance major and graduated in 1986.

Since then he has manage to build a carrier diverse like his musical background. Performing whit a world know R&B, rock and jazz artists: Dizzy Gillespie, Spin Doctors, Maxwell, Paula Cole, Joe Williams, Clark Terry, Joe Henderson, Digable Planets, Gil Scott-Heron, Aaron Neville, Tavares, Alyson Williams, Patti Rothberg, Walter Beasley, N’Dea Davenport, Phil Perry, Chuck Loeb and Kim Waters. “Roof Revivers”



He worked for several years as a musical director for the multi-platinum Brian McKnight and had great collaboration with Will Downing, Mica Paris and Ivan Neville. During the years he has performed on stages around world and appeared on numerous television shows. Carl has become an accomplished composer and educator. He has had a longtime collaboration whit solo artist Bobby Rock. They made a CD “Out of body” where Carl was a prominent song writer alongside whit Rock and Australian guitar great Brett Garsed. This CD has rapidly become the favorite on musical stage and also gained the glory as one of the most respected in instrumental rock circles.

He also co-write and co-produced R&B singer Marlon Saunders’ debut album called “Enter My Mind” as well as her next album “A Groove So Deep: The Live Sessions.” He took other composition credits that includes work for TV that has been featured on  “MTV,” “MTV2,” “VH-1,” “Bravo,” “A&E,” “Comedy Central,” “TLC,” “Spike TV,” “CMT,” “National Geographic,” “USA,” “The Food Network,” “The Discovery Channel,” “The Travel Network,” “One Life to Live,” “Passions,” “All My Children,” and the hit Showtime program “Soul Food.”

Carl released his first debut album in 2004. called “This Day”

Whit all his work in writing, composing and playing he took involvement and divided his time in touring extensively whit Grammy Award winning artist Paula Cole, vocal sensation The Three Mo’, contemporary jazz artist Alex Bugnon, east coast jam band Fro, and Japanese guitar Jiro Yoshida, with whom he has recorded several CDs. He also tours in Japan whit jazz artist Keiko Lee.

Carl Carter in his long run musical carrier has become very prominent musician who has gained a worldwide glory. Participating in various projects and sharing his enormous experience in music, he has contributed to world’s musical scene of jazz and created a beautiful music.

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